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Gum disease picture — Periodontics in  Hemet, CA
Helping you in the fight against gum disease, our periodontics treatments can be very essential. Periodontal bacteria destroy the gums. Consider your gums as a living foundation for your teeth. Without a healthy gum structure, your teeth become unstable and put you at risk for tooth loss.
Ginggivitis — Periodontics in  Hemet, CA
What's Happening
  • Bacteria and Plaque build up
  • Gum tissue becomes infected
What you might experience
  • Irritation of gums
  • Bleeding, redness, or swelling of gums
  • Bad breath
Mild-To-Moderate Gum Disease
Gum disease explanation — Periodontics in  Hemet, CA
What's Happening
  • Bacteria multiply
  • Damage to the supporting structures around teeth
What you might experience
  • Bleeding after brushing or flossing
  • Red, swollen, or tender spots on gums
  • Bad breath
Advance Gum Disease
Advance Gum disease picture — Periodontics in  Hemet, CA
What's Happening
  • Bacteria continue to multiply around teeth
  • Progressive damage to the supporting structures around teeth.
What you might experience
  • Sensitive teeth and flamed gums
  • Bleeding
  • Loose or shifting teeth
The Cause of Gum Disease
Periodontal disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States. Periodontal disease needs to be controlled when harmful bacteria are lodged beneath the gum line, creating pockets or gaps between your gums and teeth.

These pockets become infected and, over time, will destroy bone, teeth, and gum foundation. Smoking, genetics, pregnancy, stress, and nutrition have all been found to be factors in the cause of gum disease.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Bacteria that cause gum disease release toxin that can cause bad breath.
A gum infection can cause gums to swell.
Even a subtle change in the color of your gum can b a sign of gum disease
Healthy gum should not bleed during brushing, flossing, or dental exam.
Gum disease causes a pocket, or space, between your tooth and gum.
Receding gums and exposed roots can cause sensitivity.
Gum disease attacks the bone and tissue supporting your teeth, causing changes.
Loose teeth may be a sign of gum disease.
The Diagnosis of Gum Disease

Gum disease is diagnosed in the following 3 ways:
1. By using a periodontal probe, or tiny ruler, to measure the depth of pockets between your teeth and gums
2. By reviewing x-rays for bone loss
3. By checking for signs of bleeding gums and/or inflammation.
If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, there is hope. There are treatments to help reduce further damage to your gums and teeth. Your dentist or periodontist is able to provide several treatments to reduce infection-causing bacteria and halt further spreading, as well as diminish the size of periodontal pockets that encourage growth of bacteria.
Treating Gum Disease
The approved method for treating periodontal disease is a procedure known as SRP. SRP is a non-surgical procedure where scaling removes plaque and tartar from the teeth.

Root planning then smoothes away the rough areas at the root of the tooth and eliminates bacteria buildup. Your dentist may also use approved oral solutions to stop harmful enzymes that cause tooth and gum decay.

Treatment Options

Patient at dental hygienists office - Periodontics in Hemet, CA
  • Scaling and root planing (SRP)
Scaling removes plaque and tartar above and below the gumline, while planing smoothes out the rough areas of the roots.
Dentist at work - Periodontics in Hemet, CA
  • Arestin
When indicated, your dental professional places ARESTIN below your gumline to kill bacteria that SRP may not be able to reach.
Dental hygiene products - Periodontics in Hemet, CA
  • Good Oral Hygiene
Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing are essential parts of oral home care.
Importance of Treatment Now
Treatment of gum disease has become even more important to your body's health. Links have been found between periodontal disease and the increased risk of heart disease. Studies have also shown that prolonged gum disease may elevate your risk of stroke and pre-diabetes characteristics (higher-than-normal blood glucose levels leading to type II diabetes).
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