Treatment Options

Improve your smile and oral health. When you lose a tooth, your adjacent teeth may shift over time. This creates unsightly gaps. A dental implant can help prevent this process.
Eat What You Want
With a dental implant, your new tooth is strong and durable, just like your natural tooth. You are able to comfortably eat all your favorite foods.
A Lifelong Solution
Kirby & Florida Dental provides dental implants that are a long-lasting solution. Implants are often a solution for life.
Restored Confidence
A beautiful new smile gives you back the confidence you may have lost. Let us help transform your life.
Replacing a missing tooth — Periodontics in  Hemet, CA
Replacing a Missing Tooth
A single-tooth dental implant provides a more advanced replacement technology for a missing tooth than a traditional bridge. Dental implants eliminate the need for grinding down healthy teeth.
The State-of-the-Art Solution
Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. With the tremendous advances in aesthetic dentistry, there's no reason to put up with anything less. Dental implants and crowns easily, comfortably, and beautifully replace a missing tooth.
Dental Implants
Small metal posts designed specifically to replace your natural tooth root are a part of the dental implant procedure. Manufactured from titanium, dental implants provide a highly biocompatible surface, encouraging bone to attach to the implant during the healing process to ensure long-term results.

Dental implants stimulate the underlying bone, helping to maintain your facial appearance. Restoring your tooth with all-ceramic components (crown and abutment) results in a beautiful, natural-looking tooth, just like the rest of your teeth.

Key Attributes:
  • Preserves healthy teeth (no grinding required on adjacent teeth).
  • Bone integrity is preserved for long-lasting aesthetics.
  • Long-term solution (often for life).
  • Slightly higher cost than a bridge.
The Traditional Option - THE BRIDGE
A 3-unit bridge historically was used to replace a single missing tooth. Bridges are constructed of metal sub-frames with tooth-colored porcelain applied to approximate the natural color of your existing teeth.
A Better Smile
Bridges use the teeth on either side of your missing tooth to provide support for the artificial tooth that fills the space where your natural tooth is missing. The goal of the bridge is to allow the chewing function and achieve an acceptable aesthetic outcome.

Unfortunately, bone under the replacement tooth is no longer stimulated by chewing and is often reabsorbed into the body, creating a slowly expanding gap between the replacement tooth and the gum.

Key Attributes of Bridges:
Slightly Less Expensive | Restores Chewing Function | Acceptable Aesthetics
  • Requires grinding down of healthy adjacent teeth.
  • Bone reabsorption causes a gap between your tooth and gum over time
  • Potential for increased risk to the prepared teeth.
  • Limited life span.
  • May contain metal (possible allergic reaction).
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